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The decidedly innovative design of the base is elegantly coordinated with the rounded shape of the table top. Matrix can be equipped with elliptical and oval “barrel” shaped forms, both lacquered and in wood. Like a sculpture dedicated to daily rituals, Matrix is a table that offers intensity and originality to the home environment.

Base finishes:

grigioTP.jpg Laccato opaco 10 gloss grigio chiaro RAL 7044
 Laccato opaco 10 gloss grigio scuro RAL 7021
bianco-opaco.jpg Laccato opaco 10 gloss bianco RAL 9010

Top finishes:

rovere-naturale.jpg Tranciato di rovere naturale dogato fiammato
 Tranciato di rovere termocotto con nodi
bianco-opaco.jpg Laccato opaco 10 gloss bianco RAL 9010
 Laccato opaco 10 gloss grigio chiaro RAL 7044
 Laccato opaco 10 gloss grigio scuro RAL 7021


Elliptical top cm 108 x cm 200
Oval “barrel” shaped top cm 100 x cm 200
Base cm 92 x cm 68 h. cm 71,5